November 4, 2008
Extra Pounds Not A Sex Death Sentence

In light of Garrett’s recent post, this news seems particularly apropos.

A study recently published in Obstetrics & Gynecology found that overweight women were more likely to report having sex (with men) than thinner women. The study’s data came from a 2002 survey of over 7,000 women, which is a pretty respectable number.

Dr. Kaneshiro*, one of the professors involved in the work, made the point that “this study indicates that all women deserve diligence in counseling on unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease prevention[.]” I’d never thought of it before, but it seems plausible that doctors might not be thorough when it comes to educating heavier female patients on reproductive health if the assumption is that overweight women are too unattractive to find partners. I would imagine that type of negligence could extend to obese men, too, although maybe not men who are merely overweight. (I say that because, for women, the right weight is culturally regarded an essential component of fuckability but for guys, not so much.) Any thoughts?

[Photo by ssbbw_debbie]

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  • Angus says :

    It’s because girls with more meat are cuter than those without. There’s more to hold when you’re cuddling up.

  • al oof says :

    is that supposed to be a photo of an overweight woman?

  • luna says :

    I don’t understand why this is surprising, attractiveness is subjective.

    Although.. I would agree that some women may not be getting counseling the need because a doctor may make an assumption and think they may not need it. That would be a pretty bad doctor.

  • Isil says :

    tatooed enjoy anal

  • the boy says :

    I wonder what the social biases are in reporting the number. Not that it’s good, but I’ve been under the impression that there is a stigma associated with women who have lots of sexual partners. I wonder if the lower rates of report among thinner women are an attempt to protect their image, and if the higher reporting by overweight women is an attempt to counter the weight stigma (by proving they have plenty of sex) at the expense of the many partners stigma.

    Of course, this could be me reading too much into semantics. The finer point, that doctors should give consistent health advise to everyone, remains.

  • N says :

    I mean don’t get me wrong, the picture for this post is hot..but she isn’t overweight at all…why was this picture shown? Seriously…don’t women have ENOUGH to worry about?

  • Lux Alptraum says :


    Because it was a photo that I liked that I found on Flickr that for some reason was labeled BBW. Honestly, if that picture alone is going to cause you to have a breakdown and/or feel really bad about yourself, I think you’re taking this blog a wee bit too seriously.

  • Los quilos de más…… says :

    [...] Vía: Boinkology [...]

  • withoutscene says :

    Sad that these researchers didn’t seem to pay attention to anyone who wasn’t straight. And of course doctors should provide equal care, sexually and otherwise. The sad fact is that across the board fat people receive much poorer medical care. I appreciate their intension to bring light to the need for equal medical care, but I think they went about it the wrong way. Their conclusion still implies that you should only receive equal counseling if you are having (more) sex, which I disagree with. They are going about bringing light to inadequate care in an incredibly sensational way, which bothers me….though it’s true that no one would probably care if they’d come out with a study about how fat women get less/lower quality counseling.

    The picture on this post threw me too. Though I’m not up in arms about it, and it’s a fine picture, it bothers me in large part because in the media there is a photographic absence of fat people (except for headless fat bodies used to promote obesity hysteria) which contributes to our invisibility. In particular because this post speaks clearly to the invisibility of fat women’s sexuality, and I know for sure there are sexy fat women aplenty on Flickr, it’s kind of disappointing.

  • Lux Alptraum says :


    Point(s) taken. Picture changed!

  • withoutscene says :

    That’s a SEXY fucking picture!! Thanks, Lux. I really do appreciate it.

  • CarrieP says :

    Definitely a hot pic, but the goo is bugging me. Someone needs to get that lady a washcloth :D

  • Lux Alptraum says :

    You’re welcome! I picked the first picture in a hurry, and it wasn’t the best choice.

  • anon says :

    Fat girls have more sex because the desperate will fuck them at any chance.

    This is not rocket science folks!

  • JOSH says :

    Fat women are HOT! Don’t get me wrong, I find thin women sexy, too; almost all women are attractive in different ways, and comparing any 2 is like comparing apples to oranges. But, nothing (almost nothing anyway) gets me harder than a beautifully plump woman on top of me rocking her brains out; all that flesh just shaking and jiggling, from the enormous tits to the big belly and love handles to really grab onto so as to help her keep rocking hard to orgasm after orgasm. And if she turns to face away, there’s a big, juicy ass just staring me in the face that I can rub, grab, slap, and lick - all to her enhanced pleasure (and mine). As a matter of fact, I have never been able to achieve an orgasm from this position (though I always enjoyed it because I love to watch a woman come and feel her pussy spasm around my dick), but my current GF has more than a few sexy pounds of delectable flesh and can make me explode up into her juicy, delicious hole(s) with her talented moves (and subsequent flesh jiggling) almost every time. She wasn’t my first BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) experience, and I have had sexual relationships with skinny or “shapely” women; in my experience BBW are way better in bed, and therefore sexier than the media’s idea of “hotties”. Now, do I help explain why overweight women are just as sexually active, if not moreso, as thinner women?

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