December 9, 2008
Scars Are Sexy

According to a recent British study, women are more attracted to men with “mild” facial scars than they were to men without, although they were bit more wary of scarred men when it came to “marriage material.” Allegedly, women with facial scars were not found to be more attractive than their scar-less counterparts, but neither were they less attractive. (Good to hear. I have a facial scar, among others.)

Although psychologists claim to be baffled by the responses, the reason they finally arrive at seems pretty obvious to me: Scarred men are thought to be tough and aggressive, and capable of protecting themselves or a partner. (“Yeah, I got a facial scar, but you should see the other guy!”) While male scars are often attributed to “a violent encounter,” “those on women were often attributed to accidents.” I don’t know about the rest of you ladies, but I came by my scar honestly in a bar room knife fight, just like most guys do!

On a related note, this made me think of the way in which female stars with scars often end up having their scars fetishized by those who find them attractive. (Like Padma Lakshmi or Josie Maran.) Tina Fey’s the only female star I can think of with a prominent scar on her face, but of men we have Seal, Demot Mulroney, and Joaquin Phoneix. It’d be interesting to do the study with women responding to pictures of both sexes; I think women look just as sexy with scars as men do.

[Photo by chebbs]

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  • typo says :

    this is definately beacuse of the bad boy persona. I have a massive scar on the side of my head and not only is it a conversation starter but seems to bring the women running

  • Jennifer says :

    Um. I think this can go in the “DUH” file.

  • LuxIsMyFutureWife says :

    I think girls/guys with scars are strangely sexy, just as long as they aren’t self inflicted.

  • John says :

    I find that a woman with a scar can be very attractive – yet I don’t seek out scarred women. To me, far from spoiling a woman’s looks, a scar reminds me of our mortality, and it becomes very sexy indeed. In that way, it can serve to highlight a woman’s natural gifts and spur you to grab hold of her.

    Scars are not a turn off, but are rather very intriguing. We’ve all got them, and as we get older, we get more of them.

  • ventureblogalist says :

    Scars are sexy because people relate to their own emotional scars. Damaged people burn / not cloaked in normalcy persona is a turn-on.

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