Where’s The Boinking?

As is probably obvious, this site has been pretty quiet for some time now. You might say it’s on a “hiatus.”

What happened, you ask? Well, after I got them thar full time blogging job, it got a lot harder to manage this blog as…

MTV Seeks Porn Addicts

Are you a person between the ages of 18-28 who lives anywhere? Do you happen to be “addicted” to porn? Well, today’s your lucky day: you can be on MTV!

We’re not even going to touch the idea of porn “addiction” (last time we checked,…

Skullcrushing Love

Jonathan Coulton is something of a nerdish god. Along with John Hodgman, Sarah Vowell and Ira Glass, he makes geeky, glasses-wearing high-verbal types so very appealing.

And he knows a thing or two about love.

Take for instance this lovely country tune about a lonely…

Scars Are Sexy

According to a recent British study, women are more attracted to men with “mild” facial scars than they were to men without, although they were bit more wary of scarred men when it came to “marriage material.” Allegedly, women with facial scars were not found…

My Favorite Time Of Year

Hurray! It’s finally here! The Literary Review’s Bad Sex Award is hands down my favorite book prize, because it finds the most astoundingly bad passages of writing I’ve ever read—and they’re hilarious. Winners often have a good sense of humor about the whole thing, as evidenced…

A Public Shaming

We don’t brand people anymore-at least, not with hot irons. No, today we do it with the hot camera lights.

An Iowa woman says her “life has been ruined” after she was discovered having sex in the restroom at a football game. She’s been the…

Coolest Political Party Of All Time

A grandiose tip of the hat to the amazing Australians who decided to form a political party based on the importance of sexual rights. The Australian Sex Party’s immediate concerns include a critique of the proposed country-wide internet filter to block “unwanted content” (super lame…

The Classiest Butt Plug Of Them All

We’ve seen a lot of sex toys in our time, from super low rent to super high class, but we may have just discovered the most amazing, most wonderful, sex toy of them all. We've partnered with another site to bring Boinology to live again. Earl, a “gentleman’s plug,” manufactured by LELO, is a prostate plug,…

Cinco Minutos

It’s always nice to see the tables turned.

How tired is it to see some rapper or rock star surrounded by bountiful, busty babes while “making it rain” or downing champagne?…

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Many of you—male and female, gay and straight—have tasted come before. (Straight guys: we know you try your own!) And chances are your first thought upon tasting is, reliably, “damn, how could I work that into some cookies?” Well, you need lust no longer for…

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