Fully-Dressed For Sex

Sometimes you don’t need to get naked to be sexy. Take a look at this image, found on the tumblr of the always fascinating [Ed. And Boinkology supercrush!] Debauchette.

Everyone is clothed, formally so, and yet there’s more erotic charge in this picture than in…

Need A New Way To Piss Off Your Girlfriend?

Gentlemen, is your lady’s time of the month such a fearsome whirlwind of negative energy that you need advance preparation to deal with it? New website PMSBuddy is betting that it is, and they’re willing to warn you—for free—when the volatile period (no pun intended) is…

Why The Media Hates Sex Workers

Man, those sex workers are freaks aren’t they? I mean, selling your body? The body God gave you and your parents loved? Anyone who does that must be mentally ill.  Or on drugs. Or involved in violent sex games. Or engaged in sexual contact with…

The World Needs More Cartographers

This is just cool. And a little bit dorky. Blogger Franklin Veaux took it upon himself to create a map of human sexuality, with particular attention paid to fetishes. The result is an awfully cute, fairly comprehensive continent of kink.

Veaux clearly knows his stuff (or I…

We Are All Doomed

Not too long ago, I received a review copy of “the craziest game ever made.” (Full disclosure: I accept review copies of pretty much anything that is offered to me, regardless of whether or not I think I will like the product. That’s just how…

“Am I Flirting?” Lets You Know If You Are

You commented on someone’s Flickr. You favorited their tweet. You made a saucy joke, you IMed them immediately after they signed on… are you flirting? In the past, you’d just have to figure it out for yourself (or, even worse, ask the object of your…

Collecting Porn: How Do You Amass Your Collection?

I’m a bit on the anal retentive side.

I have spine labels on many, almost all, of my books, organized my desktop for maximum efficiency and I like to keep my porn nice and tidy…

Date With Your Friends

You might be justifiably dubious of any dating site that promises to make your experience “less awkward” and “more fun”, but new match site Ignighter might have a chance of doing just that. Rather than fostering individual meet-ups, Ignighter’s founders focus on bring groups together. It’s…

XKCD: Hot And Heavy Stick Figure Porn?

We’re pretty against content filtering software. Not because we want to look at porn while we’re working — well, not just — but because they’re just so incredibly bad. Case in point: XKCD, a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language that makes heavy use of…

What’s Wrong With A Little “Porno”?

Kevin Smith’s latest film is titled “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” — and the film’s title is getting it into hot water with news papers and advertising outlets.

Previously the film’s rating and even its poster caused a few noses to wrinkle. That’s a…

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