Because Who Can Take The Time To Talk?

Some Australian teenagers recently decided that having to actually converse with a guy before you give him your number was too much hassle, so they cut out the middle man (their personality?) and just wrote their digits on their backs while at the beach. And…

Hookup Maps: Best Use Of Google Maps (And Craigslist) Ever

In the time we’ve spent immersed in the field of boinkology, we’ve come across many innovative uses of Google Maps. Okay, most of them have just been maps of places to do it, but whatever: we’ve found a new sex-themed Google Map that trumps them all,…

As If The Economy Wasn’t Ruining Your Life Enough Already

Is it just me, or does the economy keep finding increasingly devious ways to make us all miserable? Well, when I say “us” I guess I really mean “guys who work on Wall Street,” and by “miserable” I mean “patronize sex workers.” According to NY…

Renault Twingo: The Modern Car For Modern Sex Workers

The Renault Twingo is a modern car. How modern is it? So modern that if you’re a secret sex worker driving around town with your mom in a Renault Twingo, and she somehow accidentally finds out about your job as a sex worker, she won’t…

Hanging On The Telephone

This past week, ABC reported that our government, in its noble quest to fight terror, has done a lot of listening in on private phone calls. Shockingly, while this effort didn’t manage to catch many (read: any) evil plots, it was an overwhelming success when…

Understanding Intersex

Current News has a fascinating mini-documentary on an “intersex” person called “I’m 80% Girl and 20% Boy”.

As we understand more about gender and sexual identity as a biological phenomenon, not simply a “choice” (as some would have you believe), hopefully we’ll see more acceptance of…

The Card That Says What We’re All Thinking

Need a way to turn down a potential paramour that’s both direct and classy? Nastee Notes (or, apparently, NaStE NOtEs) has a solution: a note card that lets your wouldbe bedmate know why their services aren’t needed.

And look, rhinestones!

So, You’re A Premature Ejaculator….

I’m not sure if guys should be encouraged or distressed by this week’s news that premature ejaculation is most likely in the genes . On one hand, if the condition is biological than drug companies will be clamoring to “cure” it, and we know that when…

Leaving MILF Island

We can blame it on Bancroft. Anne Bancroft’s portrayal became the model of “MILF” for generations to come. The sexually knowledgeable older woman who seduces the naive young man. Stifler’s mom, Demi Moore, even 30 Rock’s “MILF Island” all owe so much to that single,…

Fight McCain/Palin… With Television

WAMP (or Women Against McCain/Palin) is on a mission: they want to spread the word about the McCain campaign’s stance on reproductive rights, and what it means for women (and men) around the country. They’ve filmed a few ads, but in order to get them…

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