One Eyed Monster: The WalMart Masturbator

It started with a video on XTube: a video of a man named BaseballPlaya319, masturbating his way through the stores of Glendale, Arizona, to the tune of the Sneaker Pimps‘ “Spin, Spin Sugar.” We posted the video on a Sunday night, and with a few…

Update: WalMart Masturbator Now National Story

CNN has now picked up our exclusive story on the Arizona public masturbator — and they’ve hit the streets to ask local residents what they think about his escapades. The results are typical: not many approved. If only someone had said something like, “I love this dude!…

Update: WalMart Masturbator Featured On Local News

Chris Sign of ABC 15 local news in Phoenix picked up Boinkology’s exclusive story on the Walmart pleasure shopper and filed this investigative report last evening.

The best part of the report?

A spokesperson for the Glendale police department says the agency is investigating after receiving a clip of…

Attention WalMart Shoppers, Masturbation Is Not Allowed On the Premises

[NOTE: The original XTube post has been taken down but has reappeared here on Fleshbot.]

A lot of weird stuff has passed through the halls of Boinkology HQ. We’ve seen cartoon threeways, clit pumps, and more than our fair share of bad amateur porn. But nothing…

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