Dacia’s Fucking Love Machine

Remember the time Audacia Ray tried to sell a Love Machine on Craiglist? Well, it turns out that was all a setup for a movie (and we kinda feel like we’ve been had — but in the best possible way, of course).

So what happens when…

Goodbye, Naked City!

It seems like only yesterday we were welcoming Audacia Ray’s Naked City into the sex blog fold… and now, alas, we must bid it adieu.

Thankfully, Audacia Ray has more than one trick up her sleeve. Keep an eye on Live Girl Review — we hear that’s…

Write A Verse For The Wet Spots!

We’re pretty in love with The Wet Spots. After all, how could we not love a husband-wife team that sweetly croons about butt sex, fisting, and threesomes?

And, as part of a plan to make us love them even more, The Wet Spots have teamed…

Hate Real Work? You’ll Love Nude Modeling!

Aussie alt-ish porn site Abby Winters recently launched a fancy new model recruitment site, I Hate Real Work. We were pretty amused by the title (we hate real work too!), but — as Audacia Ray points out — it raises an interesting question: is nude modeling “real…

Is Sex An Impossible Sell?

A recent piece over at Tilzy.TV asks the eternal question:can a website about sex secure ad revenue? Or does sex sell everything but ad space?

To answer this question, the article offers up the example of “The Midwest Teen Sex Show,” arguably one…

How To Write A Naughty Email

Ever sit down at your computer, determined to write something hot and saucy to your lover… only to find that the words just won’t come? Or that — worse yet — everything you write sounds like a really cheesy porno?

Yeah, we’ve all been there.…

Village Voice Launches New Sex Blog, Audacia Ray Edits

Been wondering what friend of Boinkology Audacia Ray is up to these days? Well, wonder no longer: as of today, she’s editing the Village Voice‘s brand spanking new sex blog, Naked City.

We hear she’ll be writing about all sorts of dirty things…

Waking Vixen Tees: Because Sex Nerds Know How To Do It

Here at Boinkology, we’re fans of sex (duh) and nerds (double duh) — so, sex nerds? Be still our dirty little hearts. And now, thanks to Audacia Ray, there’s a t-shirt for the sex nerd (or sex nerd fan) in all of us.

Because after all,…

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Contest: Bi Any Other Name

Bisexual porn movies have notoriously bad names. Don’t believe us? Check out the list of nominees for Best Bisexual Video from last weekend’s GayVN Awards:

“Bi Accident,” Devil’s Film
“Bi Pole Her,” Third World Media…

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