Plan B In The Movies: Absence Makes Our Heart Grow Fonder

We’ve talked before about how women in movies end up surprise! pregnant, with no real explanation of how they got knocked up (frankly, when I have unprotected sex that might lead to an unplanned pregnancy, I remember it). Well, it seems we’re not the only…

Birth Control! The Pill That Controls Your Period!

We’ve often complained about the way that medications and products that are fundamentally about having better, safer, happier sex get advertised when they’re on the teevee. (Anyone remember that “cancer vaccine”?) Thankfully, we’re not the only ones who feel this way, as Sarah Haskins makes…

Birth Control For The Over Forty Set

We tend to think of birth control more as a concern of the young — but there are plenty of women over forty who are sexually active, still capable of getting pregnant, and more than a little interested in keeping their uteruses (uteri?) baby-free.


Cycle Beads: Another Bad Idea In Birth Control

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: what do you call people who use the rhythm method?


In a similar vein: what do you call people who use…

“She Chews, She Scores!”: The Next Thing in Birth Control Pills

So I’m a very busy woman, right? And I know there are some days when I’m running down the street, cup of coffee (well, in my case, chai) in hand, when my birth control alarm goes off on my cell: and the first thing that…

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