Shocker At Center Of Shocking Lawsuit

Because we just can’t get enough of the shocker… here’s some controversy about the shocker!

In 2004, Ricky Van Veen invented (and patented) a giant foam shocker hand. Four years later, GTA IV gets released and includes… a giant foam shocker hand in their swag box.…

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How NOT to Sleep with 1,000 Women in One Week

David Seaman, the ex-Jezebel intern who was fired after throwing a Free Paris Hilton rally outside Gawker HQ, had his story on “How to Sleep with 1,000 Women in One Week” picked up by College Humor. Here are, in short, his five easy steps and my interpretation of each…

Dot Hot Or Not: College Humor

Dot Coms: they bring us joy, entertainment, and employ most of the hotties of Silicon Valley (and Alley). We know a dot com’s success isn’t determined by the hotness of its employees: but it isn’t hurt by it, either. So how hot is your dot…

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