But For Real, Latex Does Smell Gross

Via my boyfriend comes this collection of condom PR stunts-the good kind, not the crazy, profoundly evil “condoms don’t work” kind.

In Ethiopia, condoms are made to smell and taste like coffee, while in Australia condoms are distributed through canisters hung in trees. Argentina just…

Penises Get A Starring Role In Belgian Condom Ad

Forget anything we said before: we’ve found our favorite condom ad ever (for real this time). Coming to us from (of course) Belgium, the ad features condom clad members dressed up as some of our favorite male celebrities. Amazing. Beautiful. Can we get this in America?…

Condoms Stolen From Free Condom Truck

Look guys, if you wanted some condoms, all you had to do was ask! You wouldn’t even have had to pay — they’re free! So why on earth would you possibly feel the need to steal the condom-mobile?

Oh wait: you also wanted the sound…

Hannah Montana: Condom Spokesperson?

SUBMITTED BY ALEX ROSE: Lifestyles Condoms wants her to be anyway. They are reportedly offering the latest Disney quasi jailbait teen star a million dollars to be the face of their condoms…

More Reason To Use A Condom

The first time I saw this ad (which seems to be all over New York — or at least the East Village and Flatbush Ave), I thought it was talking about how having HIV/AIDS gives people low self esteem and makes them feel like they’re,…

How To Cheek A Condom

One of the best parts about safer sex — aside from, you know, the whole “no disease, no babies” aspect — is all the fun party tricks you can learn and share. Like, how to turn a condom into a dental dam (safer sex arts…

Jakob Lodwick: Wrap It Up!

If you’re not going to listen to us, at least listen to Jakob Lodwick: always keep a condom somewhere easily accessible.

Though, to be honest, having to lift the mattress to get a condom seems a tiny bit complicated to us. And we’re not 100%…

Ampersand Design Steals Our Heart With Cute Condom Packs

As you may have noticed, we’re pretty big fans of condoms with style. So when we saw these condom package designs from the Australian Ampersand Design — well, it was pretty much love at first site.

Alas, this is just a concept, and not a real…

Proper Attire Condoms

We’ve never been ones to say no to a condom just because of its packaging — but we’re not going to say no to a well-dressed condom, either. Fond as we are of Rough Rider‘s classy packaging, it’s nice to see a company put a…

Great Moments in Condom Advertising

How do you promote your XL condoms without resorting to cheesy puns or sly innuendo? Why, by getting a 6’10″, 370 pound streetball legend to serve as the poster boy. See, they’re called “The Legend” because he’s a streetball legend… and they’re XL because he’s 6’10″.…

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