What’s The Least Sexy Word For Penis?

In his latest column, Boinkology hero Dan Savage challenges readers to come up with the least sexy word for penis. Okay, it’s not so much a challenge as a one off comment, but we’re still intrigued…

Write A Verse For The Wet Spots!

We’re pretty in love with The Wet Spots. After all, how could we not love a husband-wife team that sweetly croons about butt sex, fisting, and threesomes?

And, as part of a plan to make us love them even more, The Wet Spots have teamed…

Sex Vs. Masturbation: Once More, With Men

Maybe you flubbed the last Fleshbot contest — or maybe you were morally opposed to the fact that it was only pictures of ladies. Or maybe you were just busy, uh, celebrating National Masturbation Month.

Whatever the reason, you still have a chance to show your…

Sex Vs. Masturbation: Can You Tell The Difference?

In case you haven’t heard, May is National Masturbation Month, aka our favorite month of all. If you’re not planning on hitting up your local Masturbate-A-Thon — or even if you are — considering celebrating with a good old fashioned quiz (and a chance to win one of…

How Boinkable Is Your Bed?

Living in a densely populated city — especially one as popular and exciting as New York — means making a few compromises. Rent is expensive, apartments are small, it’s not uncommon to have roommates well into your thirties (and sometimes beyond)… and sometimes, you end…

We Can Has Pr0n!

If there’s one thing (almost) awesome as porn, it’s a good lolcat. And if you could combine the two?

Well, let’s just say lolpr0n has us more than a little amused.

Got an idea for a great lolpr0n? Head over to Fleshbot…

The Winners: Bi Any Other Name

There were so many good entries to our Bi Any Other Name contest — who knew that bi porn could inspire such creativity?

Well, we did — that’s why we had this contest, after all. Even so, we were still impressed by the quality of…

Contest: Bi Any Other Name

Bisexual porn movies have notoriously bad names. Don’t believe us? Check out the list of nominees for Best Bisexual Video from last weekend’s GayVN Awards:

“Bi Accident,” Devil’s Film
“Bi Pole Her,” Third World Media…

We Have a Winner!

After two weeks of voting, we’ve finally tallied the results for our Lite Brite Boobs contest, and we’re pleased to announce a winner: Kate! With her mastery of Lite Brite shading and beautiful depiction of the finer details of breasts, she easily blew away the…

Lite Brite Boobs: Pick Your Favorites!

Remember our Lite Brite Boobs contest? Well, the entries are in, and it’s time to pick a winner! We thought it was going to be hard to top Richard’s Lite Brite boobs — but boy, you guys proved us wrong.

Be sure to vote in…

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