People On Craigslist Vaguely Aware of Outside World

Don’t let this shock you, but apparently some pervy patriots seized upon the presidential election as a tool for sex-having. Because it’s so hard to believe without concrete evidence, Asylum collected screen shots of horny New Yorkers on election eve writing Obama- or McCain-themed Casual Encounters…

Hookup Maps: Best Use Of Google Maps (And Craigslist) Ever

In the time we’ve spent immersed in the field of boinkology, we’ve come across many innovative uses of Google Maps. Okay, most of them have just been maps of places to do it, but whatever: we’ve found a new sex-themed Google Map that trumps them all,…

How Not To Get Laid

If you’re going to use Craigslist to try to get some booty (and hey, why not? It could work!), you have two options: post in the personals section, and hope you’ll find yourself a love (or lust) connection; or suck it up, post in the…

What You Can Learn From Sleeping Around (On Craigslist)

We’ve been known to make fun of the Craigslist Personals section (because, you know, Craigslist) — but we still understand that, in spite of our misgivings, it’s still a place where many people turn when they’re looking for love. Or at least sex. Which makes…

Subway Crush: Like Missed Connections, Only… Nah, That’s It.

Have you heard about this Subway Crush thing? Yeah, apparently someone decided that Craigslist Missed Connections just wasn’t specific enough, so they went and made their very own site that’s like Craigslist Missed Connections for the NYC subway system. (Okay, okay, it’s better looking than Craigslist by…

This Is NOT A Sex Ad

Some ads on Craigslist are so ridiculous that you have to wonder who in their right mind would ever reply to them. The following ad is from a middle aged man looking for a female roommate on the Upper East Side. Oh, and in case you…

How To Recycle Old Porn

Porn, even the best porn, doesn’t always last forever. Blame it on the diminishing returns of porn: what was jackable yesterday is old and boring today. So what’s a caring consumer to do with perfectly good porn that no longer holds any interest?…

Who Posts the Most Porno Sounding Craig’s List Ad Ever?

While browsing Craig’s List, I happened upon the following ad listed among scores of East Village shares: “$600 Seeking another bisexual female roommate (East Village).”

Odd headline aside, the price was enough to get me to click — and boy, was I glad I did.…

Policing Prostitution On The Internet

A recent piece in the New York Times (found via our friends at Fleshbot) talks about the recent police crackdown on Craig’s List-enabled prostitution (yes, they’ve finally figured out what “erotic services” is code for).

There’s something that really bothers us about this — and it’s not…

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