Birth Control! The Pill That Controls Your Period!

We’ve often complained about the way that medications and products that are fundamentally about having better, safer, happier sex get advertised when they’re on the teevee. (Anyone remember that “cancer vaccine”?) Thankfully, we’re not the only ones who feel this way, as Sarah Haskins makes…

Licensed To Bone: The Safe Sex License

Getting into a new relationship — or hell, even just deciding to bang someone new — can be a pretty fraught experience. There’s the whole process of getting to know the person, figuring out all the things he or she does (and doesn’t) like in…

How To Be An Alpha Male

Having trouble with the ladies? it may be because you’re not an alpha male: after all, everyone knows the ladies all go for the guys at the top of the pack.

But never fear — Current has some tips from Ronnie, a professional soccer player and…

Texting Your Way To Love

Texting has taken over how we communicate in relationships and it doesn’t look like that’s going to be changing any time soon. Here is a delightful little video from Current TV that is all too much like real life.

Current Profiles Family Friendly Sex Club

We normally don’t think of the phrases “family friendly” and “sex club” in the same sentence. But that might be about to change — at least if the Power Exchange, a family-run sex club in (of course) San Francisco, has anything to say about it:…

Current Breaks Four Year Old Sex Mag Story

So even though the magazine’s been around for a billion years (okay, almost four), Current seems to have just discovered Harvard’s on-again, off-again sex mag, H-Bomb.

Yeah, not too current…

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