Sex Toy Storage Solutions

I have a lot of sex toys — especially now that I review them for a living. Though I’m somewhat liberal minded when it comes to hiding them from guests — well, I understand that not everyone is quite so free and easy with keeping the…

How Many Calories Does Sex Burn?

You’ve probably heard the line about how sex burns calories (it always seems to work its way into those “sex is good for you!” articles that pop up every few months). But if sex is actually a good workout, how do you explain Ron Jeremy?…

What’s It Like To Date A Sexpert?

They always say you shouldn’t bring your work home — but what happens when your work happens to be about sex, dating, and relationships? Or when you’re married to someone who earns a living talking about sex?

In the latest issue of Glamour, Rob Tourtelot…

What’s So Great About Being In A Relationship?

Apparently, the best things about being in a relationship are rather mundane — at least if you believe the New York Post. Having someone to watch your dog while you’re out of town? Really?

Thankfully, our friends Em and Lo came up with a much…

Webbies Also Recognize Sex Blogs

We were pleased to learn that our friends over at Daily Bedpost have been selected as an official honoree in the Blog Culture/Personal category of this year’s Webby Awards.

First Time, now the Webbies — man, the Bloggies are just looking more and more behind the times.…

Daily Bedpost Interviews Lux Alptraum

Back when I was a fledgling boinkologist, I cut my teeth as an intern over at, where I got mentored by such Nerve icons as Em and Lo and Grant Stoddard. Years later, Em and Lo have moved on to a new project — Daily Bedpost –…

Your Friendly Guide to Celebrity Sex Tapes

It sometimes seems like we can’t escape celebrity sex tapes — everywhere we turn, there’s another one being released. Amy Fisher, Joey Buttafuoco, Dustin Diamond: yeah, it can be hard to keep all the star-studded filth straight. Thankfully, our friends over at Daily Bedpost have…

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