It’s Hip To Be Topless (Sort Of)

We hear from Jezebel that toplessness is going to be way hot this fall (as long as the nipples are covered, naturally).

Well, at least, that’s the impression that one gets from fashion magazines, where it seems that there’s nary a shirt to be seen. Now,…

Eliminate Panty Lines With The C-String

Ladies, do you love your g-string… except for the nasty panty lines created by the strings on the sides? Consider the c-string, a c-shaped undergarment that promises “No Panty Lines! No Tan Lines!”… and doesn’t look particularly comfortable (but hey, who cares? No panty lines!!)…

Read My Ass: True Love Waits

We know how hard it is to be a parent these days. Especially a parent with a teen daughter. All those horny teenage boys ogling her — and who knows what happens when you’re not around? But never fear: with these track pants, available at…

Witty Titties: Clogs For The Discerning Breast Lover

There are no words to describe these clogs. No wait, I take that back: the words are, “Shit, you can get them with a piercing or a tattoo?”

Man, what will they think of next?

Wave Of The Future: Penis Massage Pants

There’s nothing quite like coming home after a long hard day’s work, grabbing a beer, turning on the television and pulling an Al Bundy by sticking your hand down your pants. But what if you could have your hand down your pants all the time?…

Pop A Collar, Not A Cherry.

Well, it’s nice to know that Abercrombie and Fitch is trying to do their part to reduce the date rape rate among their douchebag clientele. Or are they getting on board with the pro-abstinence crew?

It’s too early for this one.

Cycle Beads: Another Bad Idea In Birth Control

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: what do you call people who use the rhythm method?


In a similar vein: what do you call people who use…

Hally McGehean’s Dirty Dirty Dress

Our favorite artist is at it again: Hally McGehean has created a “dirty dirty dress,” made from over 200 1.5 inch squares of boy goodness. At $1200, it’s a little too steep for us — but if you’re in the market for some wearable art, it…

Protest With Panties

We’ve always been a fan of panties that make a political statement (anyone remember Axis of Eve?). So how could we not love Agent Provocateur’s “Fair Trial My Arse” panties?

The panties came about after Joe Corre, the co-founder of Agent Provocateur, learned that UK…

Swarovski USB Crystal Engagement Ring

For the woman who wants (to back-up) everything: the new Swarovski Crystal Engagement Ring with a USB Flash Drive. Don’t get too excited and pop the question just yet though — it’s still only a concept.

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