Buy A Sex Doll Already!

In case you hadn’t heard, a Michigan man was recently arrested for servicing himself with a car wash vacuum cleaner. The charge was indecent exposure, but it turns out the guy was on parole for some other offenses, which I guess is why he ended…

Examining The Amazon Woman

Somewhere at the nexus of dominatrixes, fetish models, and sideshow performers lie Amazon women: real live giantesses (generally between 6′ and 6’9″, with more than a bit of meat on their bones) who indulge their fans in anything from foot worship, wrestling, lifting and carrying,…

Revisiting The Fetish Topic

We’ve talked before about the complicated nature of being someone’s fetish. Not surprisingly, we’re not the only ones who’ve given this topic some thought. Blogger and sex columnist Zoe Yang has an interesting piece on what Asian fetishism means for Asian girls. Our favorite paragraph:…

Fetish Or Preference: What’s The Difference?

If you have a look that’s deemed outside the norm by mainstream culture — whether you’re a dwarf, an amputee, someone overweight, someone Asian — chances are, someone has a fetish for you. Yet while none of us would tell an Asian girl going through…

Feminazi Paper Dolls

So apparently Penthouse (or at least Penthouse Comix) used to be pretty okay with the whole Nazi fetish thing. At least, that’s our read on this feminazi paper doll. Is there some other explanation we’re missing here?

Meanwhile: damn, what a paper doll. Or should we say,…

Your Nazi Fetish Does Not Make You A Nazi

This just in: Formula One racing chief Max Mosely is a BDSM switch with a Nazi fetish. He enjoys going to sex parties dressed up as a concentration camp prisoner, while sex workers dressed as Nazi soldiers humiliate him; or dressing up as a Nazi himself…

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