The Power of Rape Fantasy

SUBMITTED BY GARRETT: It seems, on the surface, to be the most obvious “NO” for even the most open-minded, squishy-liberal, sex-positive person. Rape is a crime, a violation of a person (regardless of gender) and anyone who is aroused by sexual violence is deeply disturbed.…

Smoke In My Eyes

SUBMITTED BY GARRETT: I have a fetish. Well, it’s actually a kink since a fetish somehow implies I need this to get off, which I don’t. But damn if it doesn’t make it better.

Smoking. Specifically, women smoking in sexual situations…

Yes, I Did Pick Up Your Daughter. And She Was Lovely.

SUBMITTED BY GARRETT: This picture is from an ad campaign by a group in Chicago called “STOP SEXUAL EXPLOITATION.” Catchy, isn’t it? It’s the usual fear mongering and generalizations about sex work that have become the norm. Did you know that 86% of prostitutes are…

The Fetish of Creepy Fetishes

SUBMITTED BY GARRETT: A good friend of mine and I have a running contest. We try to out-do each other in finding the most bizarre and specific sexual fetishes. This has lead from Adult Diapering (grown-ups done up as babies) to Macrophelia (People who find…

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