Again With The Gay Robots

Apparently everyone loves gay robots! And why not? Gay robots combine two of the best things in life: gayness and robottage.

Yes, those are both real words.

More Lesbians Than Gays In The Armed Forces

We’re not really sure who’s going to be surprised by this, but it seems that there are more lesbians than gay men in the armed forces.

Like, we know stereotypes are bad and all, and we shouldn’t assume that they’re true, but uh… yeah…

Out In The Workplace: Yay Or Nay?

If you’re interested in maintaining your sanity (or keeping your job), it’s generally a good idea to maintain some boundaries between the office and your home life. Sure, you can have friends at work — but we don’t recommend bringing all your personal shit into the office with you…

Can A Song Be Gay?

In a profile of the True Colors tour — which doubles as a rally for LGBT rights — Time wonders whether music can be gay. After all: gay rights tour, full of gay musicians… if there’s going to be gay music anywhere, it’d be there, right?…

Who’s The Gayest Robot Of Them All?

If robots are eventually going to be fucking and marrying us, it stands to reason that, you know, robots will also be having sexual orientations. Yes kids, we’re talking about gay robots.

Truth be told, we’ve already seen some robots who just might be friends of Dorothy (hello, Tin Man!)…

Boys Will Be Boys — Even Gay Ones

SUBMITTED BY MIKE: With gay marriage tentatively legalized in California there’s been a ton of attention turned toward homosexuality in the press and in published research– everything from brain studies to comparative figures on dissolution rates in gay relationships. One fact that’s emerged has been…

Where To Stay When You’re Traveling Gay

Traveling can be stressful, what with the planning headaches and the crazy airline fees and, well, the hassle of traveling. Amid all that drama, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your hotel is going to be a little gay-unfriendly…

Gay Kiss Too Steamy For Mayonnaise Ad?

Heinz recently pulled a mayonnaise ad that featured a gay kiss off of British television, citing viewer complaints. Apparently the sight of two men kissing was enough to, well, put people off their mayonnaise…

NYS Juvenile Jails Show Sensitivity To Trans Teens

Being a trans teen isn’t all that easy — and being a trans teen who happens to wind up in juvie? We’ll let you think on that one.

But things are looking a tiny bit better for trans teens in juvenile detention centers: New York State now allows the trans…

Lesbians Banned From Blood Donation… Because Why?

The Red Cross’s ban on gay male blood donors has always seemed a bit, well, prejudiced. After all, a gay man who has used condoms during every sexual encounter is at no more risk for HIV infection than a straight person — and regardless of risk factors, all donated blood is tested…

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