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Thoughts On GTA IV – Alex Balk
When In Space – Explosm
Love And Sex – Dinosaur Comics
The First 15 Minutes – Ramble On Rose
Men ‘Not Interested In Sex’ – Telegraph

So, About That Whole GTA IV Thing…

If you’ve been on the internet in the past day or so, you may have heard about this whole Grand Theft Auto IV game, and how IGN made a little video playing up some of the more controversial elements of the game (read: having sex with prostitutes…

The Ladies Of Liberty City

If this just released trailer from IGN is any indication, Grand Theft Auto IV is going to have a lot of sex in it. Although we don’t think anyone should ever shoot or run over a sex worker. A tip is far more appropriate.

EDIT: Please read our official…

Shocker At Center Of Shocking Lawsuit

Because we just can’t get enough of the shocker… here’s some controversy about the shocker!

In 2004, Ricky Van Veen invented (and patented) a giant foam shocker hand. Four years later, GTA IV gets released and includes… a giant foam shocker hand in their swag box.…

Warm Beer And Misogyny, Does It Get Any Better?

Certain Boinkology staff members have been known to occasionally stop into a bar for an eye-opener on the way to work. So when a bar openly invited us to stare at the bartender’s breasts and make lewd comments — well, how could we say no? Welcome…

Grand Theft Auto IV Match Making Personality Quiz

Are you lonely a douchebag like myself just waiting for Grand Theft Auto IV to be released on April 29th? Would you like to meet someone new and exciting? A new boyfriend or girlfriend perhaps? Are you looking for someone like mom — or just some…

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