Misogyny, Guilt, and the Strange Case of Hillary Clinton

SUBMITTED BY XORN SMITH: So I’m nervous enough trying to submit my first Boinkology link and now I’m doubly paranoid because it’s political in nature. Sort of. But after last night’s primaries, maybe that’s appropriate. Either way, here goes.

I have a confession: I feel…

Hillary Clinton And Cheating’s Double Standard

It’s 1997 and the news is just breaking that there’s a huge sexual scandal coming out of the White House — but it has nothing to do with Bill Clinton and everything to do with Hillary Clinton. Reports state that Hillary had inappropriate relations with…

Hillary Clinton Reminds Me Of My Ex

We’ve covered relationships with coworkers before and come to the conclusion it’s a bad idea, especially when said coworkers are bloggers. But what about a messy sexually charged political relationship between two Democratic US Senators running for political office? CNN thinks it’s a little bit like an…

Boinkology Isn’t The Only One With A Crush On Obama

It looks like Barack Obama has secured a major endorsement from the powerful pet lobby. Yes We Can Has recently launched to help support Senator Obama’s campaign for the presidency. Even though pets technically can’t vote and it’s not clear what policy issues Obama supports, this endorsement…

Who Is The Sexiest Presidential Candidate?

Sure, they’re all eligible to be leaders of the free world — but who would be the sexiest commander-in-chief of our hearts [Ed. And pants!]? We’ve got the ultimate political poll: of all the candidates running for president, who is the sexiest? Is it Barack?…

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