The World Needs More Cartographers

This is just cool. And a little bit dorky. Blogger Franklin Veaux took it upon himself to create a map of human sexuality, with particular attention paid to fetishes. The result is an awfully cute, fairly comprehensive continent of kink.

Veaux clearly knows his stuff (or I…

Hookup Maps: Best Use Of Google Maps (And Craigslist) Ever

In the time we’ve spent immersed in the field of boinkology, we’ve come across many innovative uses of Google Maps. Okay, most of them have just been maps of places to do it, but whatever: we’ve found a new sex-themed Google Map that trumps them all,…

Where to Find a Third in San Francisco

Threesomes are complicated (Seriously.). But thanks to Gridskipper, at least one part of the process has been simplified: if you’re in San Francisco, they’ve put together a list of places that are just perfect for finding that special someone (or special enough someone) to get your…

Popular Unpersonals Around the World

Planning to expatriate? You’ll definitely want to find out what social networking sites are popular in your new homeland. That foreign charm is only going to last so long — and really, how else are you gonna get a date?

Adivertido has a map of popular…

Gridskipper Readers Agree: Sex Is Best

The top 20 Gridskipper posts of 2007 are in… and at least half of them are related to sex. Whether it’s finding a hand job in NYC, getting it on publicly in Paris, or hitting up a strip club in San Francisco — well, you get…

Finding the Prostate

The prostate: the p-spot, the male g-spot, the secret to the best orgasms ever. We’re heard that some men think it’s hard to find — we always thought it was just because they weren’t looking in the right place (or were maybe a wee bit…

Gridskipper’s Picks for Romantic Dining in DC

We don’t normally put “romantic” and “Washington, DC” together in the same sentence — though if we had a chance at a date with one of these sexy specimens, we might find ourselves reconsidering that statement. But where would we go? What would we do?…

Losing It Around the Globe

When did the average American first start getting it on? How about the average Australian, or Turk, or Indian? We’re finding ourselves fascinated by this map of average age of first sex around the globe.

Sure, we know averages only tell a part of the story,…

Gridskipper’s Recommendations for Dating the Ex

The Ex. Everyone has one. Sometimes known as “the one that got away,” The Ex is that person you’ve always wondered about — the one you’re pretty sure you could have made things work with, if only you’d been more mature/less selfish/less of an alcoholic.…

Classy Sex Shops Around the World

Gridskipper has a new series of maps highlighting sex toy shops in different cities. At least, we assume it’s a series: they’ve already done New York and San Francisco, so here’s hoping the rest of the Gridskipper cities are on their way.

Much as we love…

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