Your Definitive Guide To The Latest Fameball Breakup

Having trouble keeping track of the he said-she said, heavily Tumblred break up of Nick Douglas and Melissa Gira Grant? Since they haven’t had the courtesy to lump it all into one attention seeking website, a la Jakob and Julia, we’ve compiled it all here…

Breaking Up In Public: Noble Or Pathetic?

If we thought the whole Jakob And Julia debacle had taught us all a thing or two about dating — or at least breaking up — in public… well, it seems we thought wrong. As evidenced by the latest drama to splash its way across our…

Sex, Lies, and… Blogging: Where Do You Draw The Line?

For those paying attention to the Valleywag-Boing Boing-Violet Blue corner of the blogiverse, the past few days have been a bit of a, well, clusterfuck. For those who haven’t been playing along at home, the short version of the story is this: not too long…

Blogosphere Shocked By Porn On Gawker

In case you missed it for the five minutes it was up, we have a screencap of the hardcore porn that found its way onto the front page of Gawker earlier today (thanks, Doree!).

We’ve been scratching our heads trying to figure out why, exactly, Nick…

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