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“Spanked” Promo Too Dirty For Vimeo

What makes a video too hot for Vimeo? The tiniest bit of BDSM, it seems. Friend of Boinkology Rachel Kramer Bussel learned this lesson the hard way, when the trailer for her upcoming book, Spanked, was unceremoniously removed from Vimeo (and the Yahoo-owned Flickr, too). Interestingly, the…

Sex Professionals On Their Sex Lives

As a sex professional, I often get asked questions about whether working in sex effects my personal life, or makes it difficult to get, well, down and dirty. If your business is pleasure, how do you separate business and pleasure?

Normally, I ignore the question…

Cupcakes: The Secret Aphrodisiac

As a busy woman with a shitty Manhattan kitchen, my cupcake baking abilities are limited. This never bothered me before, but I see now that I’m missing out on countless opportunities for hot, hot sex. Yes ladies, it’s your cupcakes, not your milkshake, that bring…

Watch Lux On MTV’s “Man And Wife”

What happens when you get five smart women together to sit down and talk about sex? You’re about to find out! The latest episode of “Man And Wife” has Lux sitting down with “Man And Wife”‘s Shanda, Jamye Waxman, Twanna Hines, and Rachel Kramer Bussel for…

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