Where’s All The Bi Guy Porn?

SUBMITED BY GARRETT: Browse the aisles of your local sex shop and you’re likely to find a plethora of porn in almost every variety. From typical straight porn to the “alt” variety to bondage and fetish to lesbian to “girl on girl” to pretty much…

The Power of Rape Fantasy

SUBMITTED BY GARRETT: It seems, on the surface, to be the most obvious “NO” for even the most open-minded, squishy-liberal, sex-positive person. Rape is a crime, a violation of a person (regardless of gender) and anyone who is aroused by sexual violence is deeply disturbed.…

Subway Hates Porn Stars?

SUBMITTED BY $PREAD MAGAZINE: Well, this is ass. Fast food chain Subway fired a porn actor employee (via Autumn) when a customer alerted management to his work in porn. I encourage everyone to write Subway and express your outrage that they would fire an employee because…

Tired of Politics? Fuck a Centaur!

SUBMITTED BY XORN SMITH: Had it up to here with politics these days? Who hasn’t?

Well here’s something Democrats and Republicans, Libertarians and Greens, Constitutionalists and Anarchists can all agree on: the Dawntaur is so fuckable

Smoke In My Eyes

SUBMITTED BY GARRETT: I have a fetish. Well, it’s actually a kink since a fetish somehow implies I need this to get off, which I don’t. But damn if it doesn’t make it better.

Smoking. Specifically, women smoking in sexual situations…

Northern Peaks, Canada’s New Pay-TV Porn Channel, Approved

SUBMITTED BY JOHN RAMBOW: The channel promises that at least 50% of its sexy sexy offerings will be of the homegrown, Canadian variety, at least in the evenings, and everything will have to be close-captioned (not sure if that means in French as well, but…

DADD : Dating Attention Deficit Disorder

SUBMITTED BY SOUPSOUP: In the age of hooking up via social networking, one has so many more options available to them than in years gone by. The assumed motives of the kind you find at sites like Match.com and the more clandestine form that takes…

Yes, I Did Pick Up Your Daughter. And She Was Lovely.

SUBMITTED BY GARRETT: This picture is from an ad campaign by a group in Chicago called “STOP SEXUAL EXPLOITATION.” Catchy, isn’t it? It’s the usual fear mongering and generalizations about sex work that have become the norm. Did you know that 86% of prostitutes are…

A Very Personal Personal Ad

SUBMITTED BY VENUS MUFFINPANTS: The most ridiculous thing ever happened to me on my way to work: I was waiting for my bus at the bus stop when an older guy came to me with a piece of paper. I was listening to my iPod…

Desconstructing The Media’s Take On The High Class Escort

SUBMITTED BY $PREAD MAGAZINE: I’m officially over “high class escort” hysteria.

I get it, we all get it: these women charge a lot per hour, therefore they must be the best looking, and the best lay, and their sexy, glamorous lifestyle makes them seem more…

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