Desconstructing The Media’s Take On The High Class Escort

SUBMITTED BY $PREAD MAGAZINE: I’m officially over “high class escort” hysteria.

I get it, we all get it: these women charge a lot per hour, therefore they must be the best looking, and the best lay, and their sexy, glamorous lifestyle makes them seem more…

Upscale Call Girls On “Secret Diary Of A Call Girl”

Not to go linking to two Salon pieces in two days, but… yes, we’re going to link to another Salon piece today. But for good reason!

What with all the hullabaloo over how realistic “Secret Diary Of A Call Girl” is, it seems that very…

The Case Of The Anonymous Escort Blogger

SUBMITTED BY $PREAD MAGAZINE: Alright, self-righteous media, I know a lot of bad feelings have been dredged up for you recently with the premiere of Showtime’s “Secret Diary Of A Callgirl”, feelings of frustration, and confusion over the reality that someone who claims to have…

Some Of My Best Friends Are Hookers…

Despite our initial enthusiasm, we have yet to watch “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” (sorry, folks, but boinkology is a demanding field), so we can’t really weigh in on the merits of the show itself, or its accuracy in portraying the lives of sex…

Finally, A Reason To Get Showtime

Through our years of cable subscription, we’ve never been Showtime subscribers. Even during our years of premium cable, we were always loyal to HBO. Through the years of “Queer As Folk,” “The L Word,” and “Weeds,” we always managed to resist — but with the…

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