Again With The Google Censorship

Over at Eros Blog, Bacchus takes a look at the brand spankin’ new Google Suggest — a feature that, as its name implies, “suggests” search terms for wouldbe searchers. There’s just one problem: if you’re interested in searching for anything adult, Google Suggest isn’t interested in helping…

Wired Takes On NSFW

It seems we’re not the only ones who think that NSFW is a really stupid term. Lore Sjoberg (who we’ve loved since, like, forever) takes on the term, pointing out that — given that no two workplaces are the same — NSFW is a pretty…

The Pink Ghetto: The Mainstream Media, the Madonna, and the Whore

We live in a sex-soaked world. Star-studded sex tapes flood the channels of media, mainstream blogs publish pornographic spreads, self-proclaimed whores offer sex commentary on tech gossip sites. So all this sex must mean we live in a sex-positive culture, right? It must mean we…

Gawker Agrees With Boinkology: NSFW is Stupid

We’ve written before about how lame we think the label NSFW is. Cause, seriously: somehow watching episodes of your favorite TV show, reading a gossip blog, and playing Scrabulous are all safe for work; but catching a glimpse of Lindsay Lohan’s nipples isn’t? Thankfully, we’re not the…

Google Ghettoizes Sex Blogs

We tend to get pretty riled up about the way sex-related content gets ghettoized on the Internet. We get even more riled up when we hear about sex bloggers trying to do the right thing by marking their content as “adult,” and then getting punished for it.…

Even Dinosaurs Get Stuck in the Pink Ghetto

We’ve written before about The Pink Ghetto — you know, the way sex-related content can so easily get marginalized — and it’s definitely a topic that we feel passionate about (we’ll even be leading a core conversation about it at SXSW).

So we were pretty amused…

The Pink Ghetto: With Stigma Comes Opportunity

It would be very easy to write piece after piece complaining about the frustration of working from a stigmatized place, to rail against the system that tells us that sex is dirty, that interest in sex is necessarily prurient, that we must hide any and…

The Pink Ghetto: Where Everyone Knows (And Doesn’t Know) Your Name

When you’re trying to promote yourself — both online and off — it helps to develop a recognizable brand. As the Internet has grown, developed, and professionalized, it’s become common to see people making use of it to build a brand identity: and even more…

The Pink Ghetto: Welcome to NSFW

At one of my offices (I have several), I cannot access Sexerati.

If I attempt to go to this site, I am presented with a blank white page that informs me that this site has been blocked for being “Adult/Sexually Explicit.”

The same filtering software…

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