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Boinkable Links

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Boinkology Isn’t The Only One With A Crush On Obama

It looks like Barack Obama has secured a major endorsement from the powerful pet lobby. Yes We Can Has recently launched to help support Senator Obama’s campaign for the presidency. Even though pets technically can’t vote and it’s not clear what policy issues Obama supports, this endorsement…

Tionna Smalls Is Back!

When last we left our favorite dating advice columnist, she’d just gotten canned from her position at Gawker. Fortunately, no one as talented as Ms. Smalls can remain unemployed for long — we’re happy to report that you can now read Ms. Smalls’s fabulous advice over…

Gawker’s Dating Columnist Goes Bye-Bye

We’ve always had a place in our hearts for Tionna Smalls, author of Girl, Get Your Mind Right and dispenser of excellent advice. So we were pretty sad to learn that she’d been let go from the staff of Gawker. Has the world lost respect for solid,…

Tionna Smalls ♥ Obama

We’ve talked before about how sexy we think Barack Obama is — and it turns out we’re not the only ones who think that way. Over at Wonkette, Tionna Tee Smalls rates the presidential candidates: who’s hot, who’s not, and who’s in serious need of a make…

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