Life As A Transperson: Now Slightly Easier

Transitioning from one gender to another is never easy — but at least one part of the transition is now slightly easier (for some people). According today’s New York Times, getting your workplace to recognize your transgenderation is now way easier than it was ten years…

Behind The Phillips Satinelle Ice Ad: Karis Speaks

When we first saw the ad for the Phillips Satinelle Ice, we were excited: finally! An ad that treats a transperson as a real person, not just the punchline to a joke or a visual gag! Then were were confused: why were people across the internet…

Philips Breaks Barriers With Trans-Focused Razor Ad

Kudos to Philips for using an MTF transperson in their latest ad for the Satinelle Ice — and for managing to do it in a way that’s celebratory, respectful, and, well, pretty awesome.

Semi-related: we’re a little confused about why the whole internet is referring to…

You Got A Sex Change. What Happens To Your Marriage?

And in other queer marriage news, here’s another New York Times piece on queer marriage! (Two in one weekend? My goodness!)

Meet Fran and Denise Brunner. A suburban couple who’ve been together since high school, they have three kids, a dog…

New York Times Tries (And Fails) To Be Gender Savvy

We were reading the Sunday Styles section of this weekend’s New York Times — specifically, the article on the brand spankin’ new Brooklyn flea market — when something caught our eye…

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