Sex, Lies, and… Blogging: Where Do You Draw The Line?

For those paying attention to the Valleywag-Boing Boing-Violet Blue corner of the blogiverse, the past few days have been a bit of a, well, clusterfuck. For those who haven’t been playing along at home, the short version of the story is this: not too long…

Is There Any Food Better Than Sex?

We have a hard time believing that there’s any food better than sex, but if Violet Blue seems to think so, well — the woman does know her sex.

If we absolutely, positively, had to choose some food that we’d substitute for a good old…

Sexying Up Sex Ed

Did you learn about the birds and the bees from your high school gym teacher — or did you get your sex ed from someone like Violet Blue, Tristan Taormino, or Ducky Doolittle? These days, more and more sex educators are stepping out on of…

On The Internet, Everyone Assumes You’re Ugly

If you’re a girl with an Internet presence, you’ve probably been called ugly at least once — and probably by someone who’s never seen your face, has no idea what you look like, and just wants to tear you down.

More than likely, you’ve also…

Boinkable Links

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Finding the Prostate

The prostate: the p-spot, the male g-spot, the secret to the best orgasms ever. We’re heard that some men think it’s hard to find — we always thought it was just because they weren’t looking in the right place (or were maybe a wee bit…

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